Remon van den Kommer
Amsterdam 2018

Remon van den Kommer is a friend, a photographer, a performer, an embodiment of unapologetic sexuality. A body that is not afraid to place and be placed and captured in context with homoerotic post religious beyond good and bad, moral and demonised interpretations.

Photography is a tool for Remon to create no distance with his subjects . In Antigua he met him, he introduced Remon to a world of local hiv paranoia and homophobia. That changed him, he got it too.

Remon continued to more peculiar places to capture subjects unfiltered from its relation to sexuality and homoeroticism.

Club chUrch came to be the place that Remon will develop a series of peculiar photography based on a simple question.

Do we have captured everything that sex can do to a camera?

Taka Taka

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